Bumper Repair

Bumpers are designed to take the brunt of a collision involving the front or rear of a vehicle. And, when bumpers take a hit, they get banged up and damaged. Turn to the bumper repair experts to size up the damage to bumpers and find a solution to repair them to look and perform like new again. The professionals at Uptown Collision Center, serving Houston Galleria and Metro Houston, Texas, are skilled at repairing or replacing a damaged bumper, returning your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Our job is to make the collision repair process as positive, convenient and easy for you as we possibly can. Let us help you get your vehicle back on the road and looking great.

Fast, Affordable, First-Class Bumper Repair from Uptown Collision Center

Does your vehicle have a damaged bumper? Get your vehicle back to its former self with flawless bumpers with assistance from the bumper repair team at Uptown Collision Center, serving Houston Galleria and Metro Houston. We are experts at repairing any damage your bumper has sustained, including bends, chips, cracks, dents, dings, nicks, punctures, scratches, scuffs and tears. We use a special computerized paint color matching system to perfectly identify the correct paint color and make your bumper look shiny and new.

Front-end and rear-end collisions impact the bumpers of a vehicle and often affect other body components, including fenders, grill, hood, trunk, doors, windows, fascia, header panels, quarter panels, spoiler and trim. We can repair all of that, too. Visit our award-winning bumper repair and auto-body repair facility for a free evaluation of the damage to your vehicle and a free quote to have it restored professionally. Uptown Collision Center, has served thousands of satisfied customers in Houston Galleria and Metro Houston as a full-service, family-owned and operated car repair service shop since 2010.

Bumper Repair Solutions

Uptown Collision Center provides total bumper repair solutions for all makes, models and manufacturing years of any vehicle, including passenger cars, sports cars, pick-up trucks, SUVs and vans. Our bumper repair specialists repair any type of bumper, too, including solid metal bumpers, chrome-plated bumpers and plastic bumpers. Damaged bumpers can ruin the appearance of an otherwise fine-looking vehicle. Find out how the bumper repair professionals at Uptown Collision Center, serving Houston Galleria and Metro Houston, can fix damaged bumpers to look as good as new again. Whether your bumper has been scratched by hitting a curb or wall or has been destroyed in an accident, we can handle any bumper repair no matter how big or small.

Best Source for Fixing Damaged Bumpers

Our award-winning facility is stocked with state-of-the-art bumper repair equipment to repair bumpers of all kinds. Plus everyone on our staff it focused on providing superior customer services. Find out the difference Uptown Collision Center offers you:

  • The Uptown Collision Center’s Easy and Convenient Collision Repair Service
  • Expediting service with your insurance company
  • Lifetime warranties
  • Towing service available
  • On-site car rental with preferred service arrangements
  • Free, fast estimates

Connect with Us for Perfect Bumper Repair Service

If your bumper needs to be repaired, stop by our Uptown Collision Center, serving Houston Galleria and Metro Houston. Take advantage of our free, fast, no-obligation evaluation and estimate. Getting your vehicle back in shape and on the road is easy when you let us help you.
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