Fender Repair

Fender benders happen with routine frequency, but repairing the damage promptly is important to prevent bigger problems, including rusted dents, alignment issues and suspension problems. The best action you can take is to act quickly and have your damaged fender inspected and evaluated by a professional auto body repair technician.

Whether your vehicle has been involved in a fender-bender, sideswipe or errant shopping cart incident, stop by our award-winning fender repair and auto body repair facility at Uptown Collision Center, serving Houston Galleria and Metro Houston, Texas. Our goal is to complete the fender repair process in as positive, convenient and easy way we can for you. Our objective: Assist in getting your vehicle back on the road and looking great.

Complete Fender Repair Services

Uptown Collision Center is the one-stop collision repair facility, specializing in fender repair services since 2010. We fixed thousands of fenders on vehicles for satisfied customers throughout Houston Galleria and Metro Houston. Or mission is to provide you a convenient collision repair experience as a full-service, family-owned and operated auto repair service shop. Original equipment fenders can be manufactured from steel, aluminum or composite materials, and each type requires a nuanced approach to professional repair. We have state-of-the art equipment and tools to repair fenders of all vehicle types and will perfectly match the automobile paint to the original factory finish so that your vehicle looks great when it is back on the road.

Expert Solutions for Repairing Damaged Fenders

Uptown Collision Center, has fully trained experts in repairing damaged fenders and other components that are damaged in collisions. We repair all makes, models and manufacturing years of any vehicle. Find out how the  Uptown Collision Center is the superior solution provider for repairing damaged fenders.

Our Standards for Customer Service Excellence

As a collision repair center specializing in fender repair, what makes us different?

  • The Uptown Collision Center’s Easy and Convenient Collision Repair Service
  • Expediting service with your insurance company
  • Lifetime warranties
  • Towing service available
  • On-site car rental with preferred service arrangements
  • Free, fast estimates

Stop by the Leaders in Fender Repair in Houston Galleria Area

Are you ready to have your fender repaired by the leaders in auto body repair? Talk to the fender repair experts at Uptown Collision, for Houston Galleria and Metro Houston. We offer you a free, fast, no-obligation evaluation of your fender damage, plus a no-cost estimate.
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